Utilising Mirrors Within B&Bs

Guests often pick a bed and breakfast based on how well the accommodation has been reviewed. The two main bodies for rating B&Bs are the AA and VisitBritain. Therefore it is wise that managers try to impress inspectors.

Breaking Convention

If the owner wants to stand out they could create an unusual B&B which guests are sure to talk about. This can be achieved with the right room décor. Owners may purchase a mirror from the BGA Store. It is a famous online shop which will suit people regardless of their budget.

There are asymmetrical mirrors available and ones with eye-catching unusual shapes. Customers can choose options in rose gold or standard gold if they wish to give their guests a unique-looking room.

Sticking With Tradition

Alternatively, the B&B owner might want to create a room that fits in with standard conventions. If so then there are still plenty of options for them on the BGA website. They could stick with a normal-looking silver mirror either in a round or rectangular shape. This will be something that all guests will be used to. It is often best to give patrons a comfortable and familiar environment. The owner will need to decide which option is best for their business.

First, they should consider the overall brand of the B&B. They can then find a mirror that suits the company’s image. It is important to stick with a specific design as this will create a sense of consistency.