Unwritten Rules of Spending Time in a B&B

Beds and breakfasts (B&Bs) have for a long time been a great accommodation option for budget travellers. They offer a place to put up (mostly in the night) and enjoy breakfast before travellers set out for the day.

The main difference between B&Bs and hotels is that the former offers a much-simplified service and often do not have luxurious touches. They are mostly personally established within the owners’ area of residence. Airbnb is the most recent form of bed and breakfasts, available on the internet to enable people to get accommodation anywhere across the world.

Here are a few rules which you won’t find listed in a B&B, but they’ll definitely make your stay there better.

Stay Away During the Day

Once the establishment has served breakfast, it more often than not goes into a lull. You may not be asked to move out, but it works in the interest of everyone that you do. Mostly, the facility uses the day to clean up or, at times, just shut down completely.

It may be the time that owners take to create a different theme by changing ikea ektorp sofa covers on their couches. This ensures that you find a fresh room when you come back or that the next occupant is just as comfortable.

If you opt to stay in a B&B during the day, you may miss out on some of the personal services you may need.

Know Your Space Limits

As earlier mentioned, most of these spaces exist within the owners’ residential areas. It is always important to know which areas guests are allowed to access and which ones to stay away from. This is not a strict rule, however, as most facilities offer a personalised and friendly service.

Make Requests for Extra Services You May Need

Some of the services you might expect to get automatically in a hotel may not be so forthcoming in a B&B. As earlier mentioned, these outlets give personalised service and mostly upon request. They don’t usually have a large workforce so you might feel ignored if you don’t ask.

Most are, however, more than willing to offer any extra services when requested.

The golden rule is to ask about the residence conditions of a bed and breakfast before checking in. As these facilities do not operate from a stipulated script, there tends to be considerable diversity in how they work. Ask for clarification about the kind of breakfasts they offer, whether they allow guests to stay in during the day, whether you can get a particular theme for your room and such other little details.

Always remember that a B&B is a great option when you intend just to sleep and be on your way at the sun-up.