Making a Bed and Breakfast Safe and Secure

Safety and security are among the key features people look for when booking a bed and breakfast. If you manage a bed and breakfast, you must ensure that the customers who are checking in are protected. This includes protection from disease by maintaining hygiene, and also property loss by installing security features that make them feel comfortable.

Customer Security

The security of your customer starts from when they are transacting with you online. Find ways of upgrading online transactions so that your customers do not lose money as they interact with you. The building should also be secure enough. The moment a person is robbed inside the bed and breakfast, you can be sure of bad reviews and loss of customers. Security includes hiring workers who have integrity and do not have incidents of being involved with theft. Have security cameras around the bed and breakfast.

When customers are checking in, you should insist on valid identification. You should also ensure the design of the bed and breakfast allows in enough light. Even the pathway that leads to the facility should be lined with good lighting.


With the global Covid-19 pandemic, bed and breakfasts must boost the level of hygiene in all spaces. Make sure that you have a constant water supply in all rooms. You should also have sanitisers and soap at the entrance of the building. Schedule for regular fumigation to get rid of pests. You should also have permanent cleaners and people who do repairs. They should be accessible at all times. The rooms should be cleaned every day, and bedding changed. Consider changing carpeting and upholstery after a few years to get rid of the mouldy smell that sometimes comes with keeping a carpet for too long.