Get upto Scratch

Now that you’ve made your decision to start a B&B, you should get up to scratch and take care of all this little – and large – details that are required of a bed and breakfast.

  • Licence

First of all, you’ll need to apply for a licence or permit to be able to run your B&B. Check with your local council about what paperwork you’ll need.

  • Parking

Included in the above, you might need to check about parking provisions, as your guest or guests will need a parking space.

  • Bed

The most important part for your guest – the bed! Is the mattress of good quality? Is it comfortable and the right size?

  • Kitchen

Does your kitchen or dining room accommodate guests for breakfast? And are you fully equipped to cook everything theymay want?

  • Amenities

Stock up on good towels, face cloths, soaps, coffee, milk, shampoo, and absolutely anything they may need.

  • Bathroom

Many B&Bs have shared bathrooms, but you may want to consider a private guest bathroom. Make sure it is fully stocked and clear of any personal ‘clutter’. It should be clean, easy to navigate, with a working fan, good shower, and ideally a bath tub.