Honing Your Brand

Once you’re all legal, stocked and polished up, you should start deciding about your brand. Brand sounds like a scary marketing word that millennials use all the time, but what it basically means is what sets you apart from others. What’s your style, what do you have to offer, what makes you you? Think of it as personalising your B&B, giving it a voice. So what does it have to say?

  • Location

Think about your local area. Is it rural, suburban, or urban? What is there to offer in the nearby locations? Are you likely to attract ramblers or business folk? Young couples on a romantic city getaway or a family looking to get away? Your location and the events to take advantage of all play a huge part of your brand.

  • Decor and style

What does your home look like? Your brand should match your decor. If it’s French classic or country style, you’re going for a more ‘at home’ rural feel. If it’s more clean cut and pastel, you’re going for a fresh, modern feel.

  • You

Lastly, what kind of person are you? Who do you want to attract and what will you have in common? Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine, too!