Different Kinds of B&Bs

When you think of a bed and breakfast establishment, the usual types are in someone’s home where a portion of the house or a room can be rented. This could be for one day or a week at a time. However, there are different kinds of bed and breakfast accommodation, and any owner is more than likely to go out of their way to make your stay pleasurable. There are rooms to rent in stately homes, on farms, within holiday parks, or situated in the middle of nowhere. So wherever you are planning to visit, check out if there are any B&Bs on or near the site. This can save on transport costs, and of course, a hearty breakfast will set you up for your day’s adventure. If you are a lover of the outdoors or healthy pursuits, you will need to look after your skin to avoid sun or wind damage. This is where Verso Skincare can be of assistance to you. Read on to find out how.

Why Consider Verso?

This company is an online supplier of its own range of healthy skin lotions and creams. These are ideal if you intend to spend a lot of time outdoors on your break. Their product range is numbered for ease of identification and range from Verso One cleansing lotion up to Verso Ten hand cream. Their products are designed to both feed and repair your skin. Their regime contains morning, day and night applications, and you are sure to find a product to meet your specific needs. Many of their products have vitamin A Retinol 8, which experts recommend using at least once a day. These creams and lotions vary from lip salve to facial and eye serum and are perfect for keeping your skin supple and moist. Following a daily skincare routine can help to avoid the signs of ageing and can protect your skin against the rigours of adverse weather effects.


Next time you are looking for bed and breakfast accommodation, do some research about the types and location of your digs. It can be fun staying in an old castle or watching the wildlife through your bedroom window. If you are a city-lover, there is also likely to be a vast selection situated close to the main attractions. However, remember to check out Verso products to protect and nourish your skin during your holiday.