B&Bs in 2019

B&B Amenities

If you’ve stayed at both bed and breakfasts and hotels, perhaps you have a personal favourite or preference when travelling. Here are some of the reasons why some people choose and advocate for choosing a B&B over a hotel:

  • Breakfast; hotel breakfasts, especially at larger and at chain hotels can be costly (anywhere from £12.00 to £25.00 per person). Often, these breakfasts can leave something to be desired, especially for those travelling in North America. B&B’s offer a home cooked meal for free (included in the price of your room). This not only is better value in the eyes of some travellers but also allows a more culturally immersive culinary experience.
  • Internet; depending on where you are heading, you may pay a pretty penny for internet access in your hotel room, sometimes extra on top of what you pay for the room, other times included in the cost of it, inflating the price. In B&Bs, wifi tends to be included, and the quality of the internet has also been known to be better.
  • Parking; forget paying the incredibly inflated price in a hotel parking lot; often overcrowded and not always the most accessible. In a bed and breakfast, parking is easier to get to, free and often safer as well.
  • Interaction with others; some travellers argue that interaction with other guests and the owners or staff of a B&B is much more enriching than the formal and somewhat impersonal interactions experienced when staying at a large hotel. There are no lines or waiting at the B&B, and it has been noted that often the interaction was friendlier and overall more enriching.

Are B&B’s Still Relevant?

With the increase in online disruptors and companies, many traditional B&Bs face the risk of becoming irrelevantor unprofitable. Here are some ways that B&B owners, managers and staff can cut costs, increase visibility and enhance their relevancy:

  • Social media presence; social media is a way to stay relevant for any business, but in a digital world, leveraging the power of it is an affordable and undoubtedly effective way to reach a broad audience. Leveraging affordable technology such as laptops and apple refurbished uk helps to maintain an online presence.
  • Impressions; little touches can enhance guest experience and make a lasting impression. This can be as simple as a guest welcome package, or something luxurious such as hand-delivered breakfast. Some other suggestions include:
  • Coupons or discounts; this includes local attractions such as vineyards or festivals.
  • Water bottles and other swag; some personal touches such as water bottles with your branding or logo are a useful thing for the guest, and a great way to have them take a little piece of your business everywhere they go.
  • Happy hour; offering wine and cheese hours is an excellent way to network with guests, while also getting to leave a great impression.